Humble Beginnings

Travel Benefit Solutions is our newest division of the veteran travel agency JetSetPilot. With JetSetPilot designed to focus on family, leisure and romantic travel, we saw the need to put more focus on our growing corporate client business, and Travel Benefit Solutions was born.

Our Experience

In addition to our travel industry background, the team behind Travel Benefit Solutions has lived and breathed Corporate America as associates, people managers, and human resource leaders. We have firsthand experience with the competition to keep top talent, especially with the rapidly evolving workforce demanding much more than remote working and flexible hours.

Our Mission

Our mission at Travel Benefit Solutions is to partner with clients who want to make their place of employment engaging, motivating and rewarding.

Creating a Partnership

When you partner with Travel Benefits Solutions, we’ll spend the time getting to know your business and employees. We will recommend and ultimately implement a tailored travel benefits program, designed to meet the needs of your organization and give you the best return on your investment. Feedback is very important to us, and through the years of partnership we’ll look to optimize the program as your talent and business strategies evolve.

Full Service

Perhaps most importantly, we are a travel agency at our core so when you partner with Travel Benefit Solutions you are getting a full -service solution. Not only will we implement a tailored program, we will curate the most exciting and motivating destinations that your employees will love! Our customer service team will also be there to book and service your travelers and leaders through each trip, start to finish.

What to Expect

You’re committed, and you want to create an environment that you can use to attract new talent, retain and reduce turnover, and reward top talent who stays committed with you over the years. We want to take the burden off of your internal resources and handle any and all aspects of the program necessary to get things off the ground.

  • Creation of Terms and Conditions
  • An Exciting Program Rollout
  • Program Website with Secure Company Login
  • Database options to track your employee incentive and reward eligibility status and/or employee vacation allowance balance
  • Legal and Accounting Expertise

Other Employee Perks

When you partner with Travel Benefit Solutions, your employees will also enjoy the benefits of discounted travel when booking their own personal, family and leisure travel with JetSetPilot.