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Attract, Retain and Reward Top Talent with Travel Benefits Solutions

Great people are at the heart of great companies. We recognize that attracting, retaining and rewarding the top talent of your organization is a top priority, and with Travel Benefit Solutions you’ll be a notch above the competition.

Top talent understands their value and require motivation in various forms to remain loyal to a company. So what is keeping your top talent from leaving? What if your employees knew they had something with you that was hard to find anywhere else?

Our mission at Travel Benefit Solutions is to partner with clients who want to make their place of employment engaging, motivating and rewarding.

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Employee Vacation

Incorporating Travel Benefits into the overall benefits as a vacation allowance offers a combination of monetary value and days out of the office. Eligibility and amount can be based on years of service, performance reviews or a combination of both.

Incentive &

Motivate individuals by setting specific and tangible goals and excite them with a personalized or pre-packaged trip as their reward.

Group Reward

Bring all your top achievers and their +1 together for a group reward trip and combine fun in the sun with optional team building or business related training activities.

Leadership Inspiration and Group Retreat

Get your staff out of the office and inspire your design teams, ignite your leadership, or inspire collaboration. The reasons to gather outside of the office setting are endless and so are the travel opportunities.


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